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Abby Fraser | 30th May 2019 | Organic

Google I/O 2019: announcements, products and how it could impact you

Earlier this month Google held its annual I/O conference and inundated us with new products, updates and initiatives. Google I/O (Input/Output) conference was first held in 2008, announcing upcoming developments and products to the development and digital advertising community. Over the last 10 years the conference has evolved into a showcase of Google consumer product […]

Abby Fraser | 29th April 2019 | Organic

How do people search for law firms online?

In March 2019 Distinctly and Conical co-produced and published the ‘Marketing Law Firms’ guide to help marketing managers navigate the latest technology, as well as offering advice on the latest online marketing techniques. When researching and speaking to law firms it was surprising to learn that there is an industry perception that ‘their clients do […]

Isabella Wells | 18th April 2019 | Content, Organic

How to use bad grammar to get good results in your copy

One of the most cited necessary skills for a copywriter is excellent command of the English language. This is often described as an in depth knowledge of spelling and grammar as well as the ability to create concise, meaningful content. Having an excellent command of the English language doesn’t mean dogmatically clinging to the grammar […]

Isabella Wells | 27th March 2019 | Content, Organic

Tone of voice guidelines and why you need them

As consumers we are faced with a barrage of words on our screens all vying for our attention. Brands are desperately seeking something new to stand out; yet the thing that a brand really needs to be good at to attract attention is identity. Brand identity isn’t how you see your business – it’s how […]

Lewis Koch | 28th February 2019 | Organic

What are Google Posts and why you should use them?

If you have a bricks and mortar store, Local SEO is a small but integral part of an overall SEO strategy. One of the main reasons for this is that it connects your business to existing and potential local customers online. Simply claiming your Google My Business (GMB) profile can help improve your local search […]

Jack Goldsmith | 25th January 2019 | Migrations, Organic, Technical

What to consider when rebuilding a website

Site migrations and re-designs can become complex, problematic and lead to a loss in organic visibility, traffic and conversions when not implemented correctly. The following guide outlines key areas to focus on and how to protect your SEO presence once your new website has launched. Most of these actions should help you improve the core […]

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