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Lewis Koch | 4th July 2018 | Digital PR, Link Building

Are links still important to SEO?

There is considerable evidence that Google’s core ranking metrics are – and will remain – link based. Nevertheless, the correlation between strong link building and factors such as ranking, page traffic and conversion is a continuing source of debate. The emergence of algorithm components such as RankBrain have led SEOs to doubt the continued significance […]

Matthew Finch | 28th June 2018 | Organic, Technical

What’s a hamburger menu and should I use one?

What is a hamburger menu?  While you may not know the name ‘hamburger menu’, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with the concept – a navigation icon that looks like a trio of horizontal lines which, when clicked, opens the site navigation menu. This is a hamburger menu – one of the most controversial icons in […]

Isabella Wells | 26th June 2018 | CRO, Organic

How copywriting can influence purchasing decisions

The role of emotion in copywriting and the influence it has on a reader’s purchasing decision is undeniable. Researching the connection between the heartstrings and the purse strings, Lerner, Small, and Loewenstein discovered that feelings of sadness trigger acquisitive neural states in response to a desire to change presently unfavourable circumstances, meaning sadness can  – […]

Jack Goldsmith | 25th June 2018 | Consultancy, Organic

Moving office? Here’s an SEO checklist to ensure your website traffic doesn’t suffer

Moving offices can be extremely stressful, particularly if it’s a long distance change. Ensuring your organic visibility is protected throughout your office move is a key priority which should not be overlooked. Our essential recommendations are hugely impactful to organic performance – especially on a local level – and they can all be implemented easily.  1.Google My […]

Rob Laver | 19th June 2018 | Google Ads, Paid Media

5 proven techniques for decreasing your CPCs on Google Ads

As competition increases in the rapidly growing PPC industry, negative effects are being felt, particularly regarding costs per click (CPC). With overall costs per click increasing on Google Ads, it’s advisable to investigate ways of reducing your CPCs whilst remaining competitive in your market. Our 5 recommended techniques can be utilised to help lower your CPCs […]

Isabella Wells | 30th April 2018 | Content, Organic

The Oxford comma – what are the rules?

The Oxford comma is one of the most contentious punctuation marks in the English language, raising disagreements between grammar experts and linguists alike regarding its value and usage. The Oxford Companion to the English Language states: ‘Commas are used to separate items in a list…..usage varies as to the inclusion of a comma before ‘and’ in […]

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