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Jack Goldsmith | 9th April 2018 | Organic, Technical

Mobile first index checklist – is your website ready?

The release of the mobile first index has been greatly anticipated in the SEO industry since early 2015, but it now appears to be closer than ever. Over the past 6 months, Google have been strongly focusing on mobile SEO, providing key tips on how to make sure your website is mobile friendly and which […]

Matt Foster | 3rd April 2018 | Digital PR

Ideation techniques for effective digital PR brainstorming

Are you struggling to generate ideas for future digital PR campaigns? Maybe you want to simply streamline the ideation process? Adding structure to your ideation sessions or brainstorms can not only create a more time-effective session, but also help a team to work more creatively with the brief they’ve been given. We’ve outlined the core elements […]

Isabella Wells | 7th March 2018 | Content, Organic

The power of persuasive language – tips and techniques

Creating great content is essential for brands and businesses as they look to engage and retain their customers, with the power of persuasive language more important than ever in influencing your audience to do something you want them to do – whether that is to convert on an e-commerce site, or sign up to receive notifications […]

Jack Goldsmith | 29th January 2018 | Organic

How to improve your Google Business profile

The importance of local SEO has continuously been discussed and analysed over the last 3-4 years, mainly due to the change in customer behaviour and the need for ‘near me’ searches. The main platform which plays an important part in improving your local visibility is your Google Business profile – specifically the map result. This […]

Matt Foster | 26th January 2018 | Digital PR

Identifying your PR angle – where to find a PR hook for SEO

The term ‘digital PR’ is now synonymous with SEO companies and digital marketing agencies alike. Essentially taking the principles of traditional PR and applying them to the online space – with a focus on providing brand awareness on top of gaining SEO value to the brand website – the sector is now well established in […]

Matt Foster | 21st November 2017 | News

Where are the best global hubs for a career in digital?

Silicon Valley in San Francisco is renowned across the globe as the place to be for a career in digital. It is home to the big tech players including Google and Apple and every year eager and enthusiastic graduates converge at this technical nerve centre with big dreams, yet a recent study shows Silicon Valley […]

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