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Rob Laver | 13th October 2016 | Google Ads, Paid Media

Negative keyword reviews – best practice

Add negative keywords to your campaign from search query reports Negative keywords are keywords that you do not want your advert to show for. These keywords may have no relevance to the client’s products or services on offer or are simply something they do not want to advertise. If these crucial negative keywords are not […]

Tom Shurville | 11th April 2016 | Analytics

Why you must know your brand/non-brand traffic mix

First, what do I mean by brand / non-brand? Brand traffic is essentially any search term that includes the brand name. We like to think of brand traffic as Customer Retention. Non-brand traffic is any search term that does not include your brand term. We like to think of this as New Customer Acquisition. Generally […]

Rob Laver | 21st October 2015 | Paid Media

Benefits of re-marketing audiences and conversion tracking

If you’re involved in any aspect of digital marketing, it is likely you have heard of both Conversion Tracking and Remarketing Audiences. But do you feel you have mastered these tools? Can you implement them effectively and do you have solid strategies in place to make the most of them? If not, I hope you’ll […]

Tom Shurville | 30th September 2015 | Migrations, Organic, Technical

Website Restructure: SEO Best Practice Guide

In this guide I’m going to explain how to relaunch and restructure your website from an SEO perspective. I’m also going to show you how it can all go horribly wrong if beforehand you don’t consider SEO or take the time to research, analyse and understand how your pages are performing in Google Analytics. But […]

Tom Shurville | 17th August 2015 | Organic

Google Tag Manager (V2) : a step by step set up guide

Follow this simple set up guide for Google Tag Manager, which takes you through each process step by step. It’s quick, it’s concise and it’s easy! If you have a 5 minute attention span, then this guide is for you. Learn what you need to know very quickly and get it done. It covers tracking […]

Tom Shurville | 18th June 2015 | Google Ads, Paid Media

How to do a PPC forecast

PPC forecasting is an integral part of managing a paid search account. One of the most useful types of forecast is one which tells us how much we can spend based on our existing keyword list. Did anyone ever ask you ‘how much do I need to spend to get full impression share for my […]

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