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Lewis Koch | 24th June 2021 | Organic

June core algorithm update rolled out, Google confirms

June saw the beginning of Google’s roll out of a core algorithm update. Given that it was announced back in November, there has been plenty of time for technical SEO’s to prepare and shouldn’t cause much cause for concern.  However if this is news to you, how worried should you be? Will this hugely impact […]

Abby Fraser | 16th June 2021 | Content

How to generate blog post ideas with SEO in mind

Are you struggling to think of a topic to discuss on your blog? Are your competitors continuously creating content that is driving new customers to their websites while yours stagnates?  Writing search-led blog content can be a great way of driving traffic to your website and engaging users who are already interested in your general […]

campaign of the month
Holly Scott | 9th June 2021 | Digital PR, News

Ark Wildlife – Campaign of the Month

The idea The Distinctly team shifted focus in May to amplify the opportunity of spring being a key period for wildlife, in order to secure coverage for their client, Ark Wildlife. Distinctly took a layered approach to capitalise on multiple stories in one month. Distinctly identified two key awareness dates in the calendar during May: […]

Tristan Reynolds | 27th May 2021 | Organic

How Google fights spam and protects users in the search results

Many web pages found within the Google index are extremely useful and the results which Google shows usually provide answers to our questions instantly. However, there are websites out there which have been created to simply deceive users or provide incorrect information. Google has to find and fight against this spam every day to ensure […]

Liz Walker | 6th May 2021 | Organic, Technical

Mobile-first indexing: are you ready?

Google is in the final stages of its roll-out mobile-first indexing in direct response to the shift in how we search the web. GWI data shows nine out of 10 internet users go online via their smartphones, spending on average 3hrs and 39 mins per day online on their mobile phones. Globally, the average internet […]

Rob Laver | 6th May 2021 | Google Ads, Paid Media

Understanding the Google Ads optimisation score

The importance of quality scores and Ad Rank across Google Ads campaigns has been well documented over the years due to their direct influence on CPCs. However, as machine learning begins to more accurately predict campaign performance, will the importance of optimisation scores also increase? Google defines the optimisation score as an estimate of how […]

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