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Tristan Reynolds | 9th March 2021 | Consultancy, Organic

Google are now showing fewer featured snippets in the search results

Featured snippets are the perfect place for a website to rank, especially when trying to outperform competitors. These small extracts of text appear at the top of the search results, helping to improve click through rates to websites and are often referred to as ranking in ‘position zero’. However, in the past few weeks, Google […]

seo considerations when changing your domain name
Laurence Burden | 16th February 2021 | Paid Media, Paid Social

Spotify Audio Ads – What You Need To Know

Since launching in 2008, the Spotify platform has seen significant growth with 345 million active users as of December 2020, making it the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service. At present, the platform features over 70 million tracks, 2.2 million podcasts and is available in 93 markets. With such a notable reach, the Spotify […]

Holly Scott | 8th February 2021 | Digital PR, News

Transport Exchange – Digital PR Campaign of the month

The idea In the run up to the end of the Brexit transition period, Distinctly identified a valuable digital PR opportunity for our client, Haulage Exchange, who are part of the Transport Exchange Group. Throughout the negotiation process with the EU, there were many discussions across the media surrounding how the process of hauling goods […]

Rob Laver | 8th February 2021 | Google Ads, Paid Media

Farewell, Broad-Match Modified – The Latest Google Ads Announcement

A few days ago Google announced three big changes to Google Ads keyword match types, with the first to start rolling out in two weeks time.  Broad-Match Modified Will Be Absorbed By Phrase Match The first change – which will inevitably grab the headlines – is the retirement of the broad match modified (BMM) keyword […]

Matt Foster | 4th February 2021 | CRO, Organic

What are the best review platforms in the UK?

Update: Due to changes by Google in 2020, you will now only be able to have star ratings in search engine results for individual product pages. If you have individual product pages, these should have product page schema markup applied to them to allow Google to read them as such. Scroll to the bottom of […]

Rob Laver | 20th January 2021 | Google Ads, Paid Media, Paid Social

Is it possible to launch a new product using just PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can be seen as the perfect way to push a new product out to market quickly. After all, it’s possible to reach vast numbers of people, using very specific targeting, in just a matter of hours. But can you expand your audience and launch a product by only doing PPC? Well, the […]

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