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seo considerations when changing your domain name
Matt Foster | 6th May 2021 | Digital PR

Campaign ideas for digital PR: How to add certainty into your ideation process

Digital PR is a great way to secure coverage for your brand, while also building organic visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We’re always looking at ways to encourage creative campaign ideas for the companies we work with. With the help of experience, conversations with others in the industry, and even a few […]

Rob Laver | 20th April 2021 | News

How easy is it to track true ROI from PPC in 2021?

PPC has historically been a straightforward channel to track return on investment. You pay for a click, that person visits the website, and provided you have tags set up to fire on your most important conversion points, you get end to end visibility on what people do once there, right? Well, for a B2C website […]

google ads best practice
Abby Fraser | 20th April 2021 | Organic

Google has updated how search ranks product reviews

On April 8th, Google released a new algorithm update that aims to better reward high quality product reviews in its search results. Currently, this update only applies to English language reviews, but has the potential to be rolled out worldwide.  The update is designed to reward product reviews that share in depth research and insightful […]

Liz Walker | 20th April 2021 | News

Agency growth fuels recruitment drive

It’s been an exciting start to the year at Distinctly with some significant new client wins and some fantastic new additions to the team. For a long time we have focussed on graduate recruitment and we have a great track record of nurturing talent and developing people in our team. With recent growth, the opportunities […]

campaign of the month
Holly Scott | 13th April 2021 | Digital PR, News

Lawtons Law – Digital PR campaign of the month

The idea Bike theft has hit an all time high in the past year but shockingly few thieves are actually prosecuted. Distinctly identified a topical digital PR opportunity for their client, Lawtons Law, to highlight this rising issue. Distinctly identified that the problem was particularly prevalent in London, with half of the top ten worst […]

Matt Foster | 26th March 2021 | Digital PR, Link Building

How to write a pitch email to journalists in 3 steps: Example subject lines, story and timing

Give yourself the best chance of journalist coverage with our first-hand knowledge, including a ready-to-use email template! Visit Distinctly’s Digital PR page to find out how we can help you. JUMP TO SECTION Have your email pitch opened – subject lines Engage the journalist – personalisation and tone The email call to action – pitching […]

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