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Jack Goldsmith | 29th January 2018 | Organic

How to improve your Google Business profile

The importance of local SEO has continuously been discussed and analysed over the last 3-4 years, mainly due to the change in customer behaviour and the need for ‘near me’ searches. The main platform which plays an important part in improving your local visibility is your Google Business profile – specifically the map result. This […]

Matt Foster | 26th January 2018 | Digital PR

Identifying your PR angle – where to find a PR hook for SEO

The term ‘digital PR’ is now synonymous with SEO companies and digital marketing agencies alike. Essentially taking the principles of traditional PR and applying them to the online space – with a focus on providing brand awareness on top of gaining SEO value to the brand website – the sector is now well established in […]

Matt Foster | 21st November 2017 | News

Where are the best global hubs for a career in digital?

Silicon Valley in San Francisco is renowned across the globe as the place to be for a career in digital. It is home to the big tech players including Google and Apple and every year eager and enthusiastic graduates converge at this technical nerve centre with big dreams, yet a recent study shows Silicon Valley […]

Jack Goldsmith | 21st October 2017 | Analytics

How to set up event tracking in Google Tag Manager

When clients engage in SEO or PPC activity, their key objective tends to be ‘we want to generate more online enquiries’. You can drive considerable amounts of organic/paid traffic to a website through effective SEO and PPC campaigns, but how many are actually converting? This is where event tracking comes into its own. Event tracking […]

Matt Foster | 9th October 2017 | Digital PR

Recommended SEO reporting tools for digital PR campaigns

You’ve created your content and story, outreached it by targeting key sites and returned with plenty of coverage for your client. To make your efforts worthwhile, the reach of the coverage must now be effectively communicated to your client. A comprehensive digital PR report will not only help to justify your immediate work, but also […]

Matt Foster | 19th September 2017 | Digital PR

How to find the perfect #journorequest

Twitter is filled with journalists seeking quotes, expert opinions and interviews for stories from across the globe. Using Twitter effectively, we have been able to secure regional, national and international news coverage for our clients on multiple occasions. Granted, it would be impossible to tap into each and every one of these requests, but it […]

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