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Implementing a clear and succinct SEO strategy on your Magento website will take it to the next level. We have a wealth of experience working with Magento and unlocking its potential for our clients.


Why choose Distinctly as your Magento SEO agency?

  • Extensive experience in handling website migrations or replatforming to a Magento environment
  • Delivering comprehensive SEO audits to uncover any issues you're gacing with your Magento website
  • A dedicated team of CRO specialists to help analyse and make an impact on the bottom line
  • Elevating your product and category page copy to captivate your audience
  • Expanding your Magento website overseas to achieve world domination
Extensive experience in handling website migrations or replatforming to a Magento environment Open Tabbed Content

Magento Migrations

When replatforming to Magento, integrating SEO considerations is paramount for sustaining online visibility and traffic. WordPress offers robust SEO plugins, customisable themes, and flexible content management so mixing this with a succinct SEO strategy from the outset will enable long-term organic growth.

Our dedicated team have handled migration projects which involved either:

  • Replatforming to a Magento website
  • Supporting a design upgrade to an existing Magento website
  • Guiding clients through a restructure of their existing site on their Magento platform
Delivering comprehensive SEO audits to uncover any issues you’re gacing with your Magento website Open Tabbed Content

Comprehensive Magento SEO audits

If you want to make an impact on the bottom line for your Magento site, you need to ensure you can be found for your key terms and your product offering has a competitive edge.

If you have thousands of products or simply just the one, you need the correct tracking and configuration in place to evaluate your website and product performance. This could involve analysing deeper data points within Google Analytics 4 and clearly showcasing the value of your products to improve overall reporting.

Start to understand what’s working and what’s not on your Magento website and reach out to the team at Distinctly.

A dedicated team of CRO specialists to help analyse and make an impact on the bottom line Open Tabbed Content

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Slow site speed, clunky checkout processes, poor site structure – there are countless reasons why leads don’t convert and sales fall through. 

A technical SEO audit can capture any of these oversights. Our team will report their findings and suggested improvements in plain English, so you’re not left second-guessing.

We take a forensic approach to conversion rate optimisation (CRO), digging deep into how users interact with your site and where they come up against problems.

This deep analysis leads to tangible actions that have big impacts.

Elevating your product and category page copy to captivate your audience Open Tabbed Content

Specialised Content Support

Expand your online footprint with content that bites and doesn’t let go! Content is at the heart of any SEO strategy and is a key part of any customer journey and purchase consideration. You need to ensure your copy stands out and grabs your prospective customers attention. Some of the examples of content tactics we deploy on Magento  websites are below:

  • On site copy for your service or product pages
  • Conversion-led copy to make your users act quickly
  • Blog or resource based copy to stablish yourselves as an authority in your marketplace
It’s time to elevate your product or service offering with persuasive, benefit-orientated content and unlock that untapped potential on your Magento website.
Expanding your Magento website overseas to achieve world domination Open Tabbed Content

International SEO Support on Magento

Globally, you need to have a strong understanding of geographical targeting. Site architecture is key when it comes to multiple versions of your website for different regions – we can audit your hreflang tags to ensure that they’re set up correctly and your content is being served to the correct international audiences.

We can also future-proof your website against any potential technical snags, putting you in the ideal position to expand globally.

If you’re seeking an SEO partner to structure and guide you through a potential international migration on Magento, then please reach out to the team. We have extensive experience working with this platform and have delivered significant results for clients who have expanded into global markets.

Our Detailed Services for Magento SEO

Our technical SEO consultants have extensive experience working in the Magento platforms and can help prioritise any issues and optimisastion opportunities that are worth addressing. Our aim is to boost website performance and for our partnerships to better utilise their platform for better results.

Technical Auditing

We address technical aspects of your WordPress website such as website speed, mobile-friendliness, crawlability, site architecture, and schema markup implementation.

Our audits are tailored to you and your business needs to ensure we’re making the desired impact on the bottom line.

Audience Research

We perform in-depth keyword research to identify relevant and high-converting keywords for your target audience. Weighing up search volume, competition, and user intent.

During our onboarding stages, we’ll gather customer insights, pain points and more to understand how to better position your product offerings and what users are avidly searching for.

PLP & PDP Optimisation

We make sure your products or service pages are well-optimised and are positioned to generate significant growth for your business.

We provide comprehensive recommendations on improving your product page experiences to increase lead generation and general authority in your marketplace.

Content Strategy

We will review your existing content and identify ways to add value and improve your visibility for each piece. We also conduct content audits and devise a plan to remove, reoptimise or create new content for your existing material.

We’ll form a collection of frequently asked question and pain points to create an efficient content plan.


Building trust and credibility throughout your design and user experience is essential for any website. We conduct in-depth competitor research and establish the key recommendations to help elevate the brand and strengthen those trust signals.

What our clients are saying

“The work undertaken by Distinctly has been first class ever since we started. I would recommend Distinctly to all ecommerce companies.”

Ben Ford, eCommerce Manager at Wilkinson Sword

“We have been incredibly happy with how the new site has performed and the work undertaken by Distinctly.”

Deborah Vine, COO at Karidis

“Everything Distinctly carried out was completed within the outlined timeframe, and they executed the GA4 work brilliantly”

Persephone Fitzpatrick, Marketing Manager at Great Northern Hotel

Magento SEO case studies

Our Magento SEO offerings

  • Short term WordPress SEO project
  • SEO Retainer
  • Digital Partner
Short term WordPress SEO project Open Tabbed Content

Short term Magento SEO project

Need Magento SEO expertise for a one-off project or audit? We make certain that your website is in a technically sound position – giving your website the best chance of ranking highly and generating more traffic and leads.

We’ll report our findings in plain English, so you can make the small tweaks that lead to big impacts. This saves you time, resources and headaches.

SEO Retainer Open Tabbed Content

SEO monthly retainer

Start to lay the foundations to enable organic growth on your Magento website.

We can act as an extension of your marketing team, providing strategies and ongoing support to help drive traffic, leads and conversions to your website.

Digital Partner Open Tabbed Content

Digital partner

At Distinctly, we are more than just a technical SEO agency. We can become your partner in all things online marketing including full-service SEO, digital PR (link building), content and paid media – supporting your business and accelerating growth across multiple channels.

Our strategies collaborate to ensure ultimate efficiency. Our PR campaigns target key landing pages and ad spend is reduced when there’s strong organic performance. Get in touch today to see if a comprehensive digital partnership is the right option for you and your business.

Frequently asked questions about Magento SEO

Why is SEO important for a Magento site?

SEO is crucial for WordPress sites as it enhances your visibility and accessibility on Google and other search engines.

Plugins like Yoast SEO are extremely helpful to generate meta data checking, XML sitemaps and other directives to ensure your website can be seen and is fully accessible.

What are the best SEO plugins for Magento?

Users often seek recommendations for plugins that can help streamline their SEO efforts. Commonly recommended plugins include Yoast SEO and Rank Math. The former is probably one of the most popular plugins used and is easy to use.

How can I troubleshoot common SEO problems with Magento?

Users often encounter issues such as duplicate content, broken links, missing meta data, crawl errors, and plugin conflicts that can impact their site’s SEO.

Reaching out to an SEO agency to conduct a technical audit on your WordPress website would be a trusted starting point.

Why is my WordPress site not ranking well on Google?

There are many factors as to why your website may not be ranking for your target keywords.

This could include the quality of your content and answering your audience’s questions. This could be because of unstable or poor technical foundations making it extremely difficult for Google to access or crawl your website’s content. There is an authority part of this answer and whether your website is a credible source and is commonly cited on relevant third party websites.

Should I use categories or tags for SEO on WordPress?

Categories or tags are a good way of enriching topical authority, improving the user experience and storing a range of content under one area.

Categories can often be overlooked in a WordPress setup due to their low-priority nature but tagging your posts will only improve your relevancy and can often be used to encourage users to read more information on that specific topic.

If you have vast amounts of blogs that aren’t correctly categorised in WordPress then this potentially is a missed opportunity as this can help search engines understand that your website is an authority on this topic and is also a credible source.

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