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Jack Goldsmith | 25th January 2019 | Organic

What to consider when rebuilding a website

Site migrations and re-designs can become complex, problematic and lead to a loss in organic visibility, traffic and conversions when not implemented correctly. The following guide outlines key areas to focus on and how to protect your SEO presence once your new website has launched. Most of these actions should help you improve the core […]

Lewis Koch | 3rd December 2018 | Organic

3 ways to check how your website looks on mobile devices

Optimising your website for mobile devices has never been more crucial, following Google’s transition to the mobile-first index. What is the mobile-first index? Fundamentally, the mobile-first index means that Google will now index and rank your site based on the mobile version of each page. This is purely mirroring user behaviour, given total searches on […]

Rob Laver | 20th November 2018 | Paid Media

How to beat your closest competitor using Google Ads

Google Ads is a highly competitive advertising platform. Every time your ad is displayed, you take part in an auction whereby your ad is pitted against the ads of your competitors. It is therefore essential to keep a close eye on your competitors and their marketing strategies. The position that your ad attains is affected […]

Rob Laver | 23rd October 2018 | Paid Media

Facebook audiences and how to use them

30% of the global population now use Facebook, with 2.2 billion people worldwide now using the social media platform. With the scale of the audience available, it has become imperative for businesses to utilise Facebook as a marketing platform. Through Facebook Ads, you are able to create and run PPC marketing campaigns designed to attract new customers to […]

Lewis Koch | 4th July 2018 | Digital PR

Are links still important to SEO?

There is considerable evidence that Google’s core ranking metrics are – and will remain – link based. Nevertheless, the correlation between strong link building and factors such as ranking, page traffic and conversion is a continuing source of debate. The emergence of algorithm components such as RankBrain have led SEOs to doubt the continued significance […]

Matthew Finch | 28th June 2018 | Organic

What’s a hamburger menu and should I use one?

What is a hamburger menu?  While you may not know the name ‘hamburger menu’, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with the concept – a navigation icon that looks like a trio of horizontal lines which, when clicked, opens the site navigation menu. This is a hamburger menu – one of the most controversial icons in […]

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