Distinctly officially certified a Great Place To Work™

Liz Walker | 27th July 2022 | News

Being a genuinely exceptional place to work has always been a key priority at Distinctly. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to listen to our team, take on board feedback and to implement changes. Therefore achieving our certification as a Great Place To Work™ has been a huge highlight for all the team.

For our size of agency, we’ve always been quite innovative in this space and as we’ve grown and had a bit more flexibility in what we can offer, we have continually pushed ourselves to have a really strong offering. From enhanced maternity and paternity leave to sabbaticals for everyone with 2 years of service, we have strived to make Distinctly a truly great place to work.

It was therefore important for us to be recognised in some way for all this effort. Whilst we have strong staff retention stats and a Glassdoor rating of 4.8, we wanted something independent that highlighted how our offering is truly industry leading.

This led us to Great Place to Work™ and their recognition programme. Great Place to Work™ is a global organisation and a leading authority on workplace culture. What attracted us to their programme is they survey all team members and whilst they recognise and pinpoint what organisations are doing right, they also help them to continually improve and develop too.

The employee feedback that we received from the survey stage is invaluable in ensuring that we are delivering excellence for our team and some of the stand out metrics were:

100% participation across the team

100% agree
with the statement:
‘Management delivers on its promises’

100% agree with the statement:
‘My colleagues celebrate each other’s success’’

100% agree with the statement:
‘Senior management listen to my opinion and suggestions’

100% agree with the statement:
‘People here are are treated fairly (regardless of their gender)’

100% agree with the statement:
‘I would strongly endorse my company to friends & family as a great place to work’

100% agree with the statement:
‘Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work’

90% agree with the statement:
‘I want to work here for a long time’

There has been a vast amount of information provided to us but it was very rewarding to receive comments that really confirm that we are enhancing our team’s working lives.

Positive feedback such as:

“Distinctly have created a really supportive and encouraging environment. There are always plenty of shout-outs and employees always get the recognition they deserve. We also receive gifts for our work anniversaries and have a range of benefits such as flexible working hours. It’s clear that the management team at Distinctly put lots of effort into making this a great place to work.”

We will always strive to improve in this area but for a moment we are celebrating this important recognition and how far we have come in a short space of time.

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