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indigotree | 15th July 2022 |

What is a generic top level domain (gTLD)?

You’ve used them multiple times a day for at least the last couple of decades. Yet there’s a strong chance that you don’t know what one is.  A generic top level domain (gTLD) is something we’re so adept at using we never even have to give it a second thought. But it’s both a key […]

Rachel McHugh | 15th July 2022 |

Multilingual SEO tips for your international website

The digital age means there’s never been more opportunities to take your business global. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Language barriers can be a real stumbling block in getting your brand message across borders if you don’t take the time to understand what foreign users are searching for.  What marks your business as unique […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |

International SEO checklist: 11 things to cover in your strategy

Taking your brand’s SEO success global is a complicated business – and it’s about much more than speaking the local language. Understanding your target market from the inside out, staying ahead of your competitors and navigating the complex technical musts can make international SEO seem a daunting task. Keeping this international SEO checklist in mind […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |

The ultimate guide to hreflang tags for international SEO

SEO is the art of speaking your customers’ language so that they find you as easily as possible online. It’s about talking how they talk and understanding what they’re looking for. But it’s also about technicalities. It’s no use having carefully optimised website copy and locally relevant content if it’s not structured in a way […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |


Read our international SEO content for tips on making websites that won’t get lost in translation. Breaking into foreign markets requires thorough research of both the target territory and audience. We understand how important it is to have an international presence, which is why we’ve created content to help you understand how international SEO works […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |

SEO migration checklist: 11 steps to avoid traffic drops

There’s nothing like a new website to make your brand feel refreshed – it can give the whole company a new sense of identity and purpose. After all that effort of rewriting copy, redesigning graphics and redefining who you are, the last thing you want is for no new customers to see it. After all, […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |

Our guide to URL redirect mapping

Migrating to a new website can have a transformative effect on your business, like buying a new car with a bigger engine that allows you to travel further (and make a louder noise) online. With the right team of SEO migration specialists at hand, you have all the ingredients to ensure that your site move […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |

Website domain migrations: everything you need to know

Changing a few letters in your website’s URL might not seem like it can change your business’s online fortunes – but it really can. The domain you choose for your website becomes part of its brand, impacting its trustworthiness with users, and migrating to a new one can have a direct impact on your traffic […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |

Website Migration

Whenever your website undergoes substantial changes, it can have an impact on SEO. Whether it’s location, platform, structure or design — it can be scary making a big move. At Distinctly, we’re experts in ensuring that you maintain your current authority, traffic, rankings and indexing, even when performing a website migration. Explore our articles on […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |

On-page SEO

Optimising your webpage content for search engines and users is key to gaining organic traffic and, as a result, ranking higher on Google. On-page SEO is all about optimising title tags, headlines, images, content and internal links. The more you show how relevant your content is to the user, the more it’ll rank and the […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |


Discover the fundamentals of search engine optimisation, from keyword research and SEO copywriting, to site migrations and technical SEO – and get to know your acronyms from CMS to SERP.

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