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Dan Ormsby | 8th December 2022 |

How to use the x-default hreflang attribute for international SEO

If you have, or are planning to have, an international website that targets multiple regions, then you’ll want to use hreflang tags to tell search engines who your website is for; it’s part of international SEO fundamentals. But what is the x-default hreflang attribute and how can it help your international SEO strategy? Find out […]

Dan Ormsby | 28th November 2022 |

Content localisation: an ultimate guide for international content creation

If you’re looking to expand your business internationally, then localising your web content is an absolute must. Simply translating existing content isn’t always enough and will fail to engage loyal customers from other countries and regions. Understanding your new market’s audience is the key to succeeding internationally. What is content localisation? Content localisation is the […]

Dan Ormsby | 28th November 2022 |

ccTLDs: what are they & why are they important?

With the world becoming more interconnected than ever, you’ll likely have stumbled upon websites before with different URLs calling out a certain country, for example, These are known as country code top-level domains (ccTLD). But why might you need to use ccTLDs and how can they help your business reach the global marketplace? What […]

Lewis Koch | 15th July 2022 |

How to develop your international SEO strategy

Your product or service might be brilliant in any language, but when you’re taking your business global it takes an entirely reconfigured strategy to make sure overseas audiences get the message. SEO tactics that worked wonders here won’t necessarily land abroad – so understanding international SEO and having an expertly designed global SEO strategy will […]

Dan Ormsby | 15th July 2022 |

What is a generic top level domain (gTLD)?

You’ve used them multiple times a day for at least the last couple of decades. Yet there’s a strong chance that you don’t know what one is.  A generic top level domain (gTLD) is something we’re so adept at using we never even have to give it a second thought. But it’s both a key […]

Dan Ormsby | 15th July 2022 |

Multilingual SEO tips for your international website

The digital age means there’s never been more opportunities to take your business global. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Language barriers can be a real stumbling block in getting your brand message across borders if you don’t take the time to understand what foreign users are searching for.  What marks your business as unique […]

Dan Ormsby | 13th July 2022 |

The ultimate guide to hreflang tags for international SEO

SEO is the art of speaking your customers’ language so that they find you as easily as possible online. It’s about talking how they talk and understanding what they’re looking for. But it’s also about technicalities. It’s no use having carefully optimised website copy and locally relevant content if it’s not structured in a way […]

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