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Rachel McHugh | 31st October 2022 |

Google Shopping Ads: Google Shopping Best Practices

Google Shopping is a huge global marketplace that is a key way to advertise products and remain competitive. Utilising Google Shopping can boost your visibility and help you reach more customers. However, many competitors take advantage of Google Ads services, which means that it can be challenging to stand out. Let’s explore some of the […]

Rachel McHugh | 31st October 2022 |

Google shopping

Set yourself up for success on Google Shopping. Here are some resources to make sure you’re targeting the right people and hitting the right notes on one of the most competitive marketplaces around. Optimise and configure everything just right and your conversion rates will soar.

Rachel McHugh | 14th October 2022 |

How to set up conversion tracking in Google Ads

You can significantly improve the outcome of your Google Ads campaigns by setting up conversion tracking. It helps drive leads, sales and engagement. So, what is conversion tracking and how can you utilise it for the success of your campaign? Read on because you’ve come to the right place…  What is conversion tracking? Conversion tracking […]

Rachel McHugh | 3rd October 2022 |

LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Platform is Best?

When putting together a great advertising campaign, you want it to perform well, obviously! This often leads marketers to question which platform is best for their campaign. Which one will produce the best results – LinkedIn or Facebook? Many may immediately say Facebook as it has over two billion active users whilst LinkedIn has over […]

Rachel McHugh | 3rd October 2022 |

Facebook Ads Placement: Automatic vs Manual

Wondering whether you should use automatic or manual Facebook ad placement? With so many tools out there, it can be hard to know where to start with Facebook ads. Every ad campaign is different which is why automatic and manual ad placements can have different benefits depending on your end goal.  Read on to find […]

Rachel McHugh | 3rd October 2022 |

LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn Ads Best Practices

LinkedIn advertising is one of the best ways to reach the decision-makers in your target audience. The business platform has millions of users that have the power to influence business decisions with more buying power than other social media platforms.  This is why LinkedIn ads are so important for your business and can boost your […]

Rachel McHugh | 3rd October 2022 |

How to set up Google Shopping ads effectively

Google Shopping ads are an effective way to achieve additional revenue for your eCommerce business. Google Shopping ads now account for around 75% of the total ad spend within search. What makes Google Shopping ads so powerful is the relevance these ads have to the searchers’ intent. If your business isn’t currently utilising shopping ads, […]

Rachel McHugh | 3rd October 2022 |

Paid Social

Put your brand in front of the right people at the right time with paid social. Creating highly targeted ad campaigns that raise awareness and increase conversions is what we do here at Distinctly. So, you could say that we know a thing or two about social media platforms and marketing. Our collection of insightful […]

Rachel McHugh | 3rd October 2022 |

Google Ads

Google Ads can be overwhelming at first: with so many different campaign types, it’s difficult to know where to start and how to use the platform. Thankfully, we’ve put together several articles on Google Ads and how to best use the platform to boost conversions. Whether you want to explore different types of copy or […]

Rachel McHugh | 13th July 2022 |

Paid Media

Paid media campaigns – on Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn – are driven by precise, real-time data. Discover how well-targeted ads can help you to realise your digital ambitions.

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