The importance of a strong culture in a growing agency

Liz Walker | 17th December 2021 | News

As the year draws to a close, it is time to reflect upon what has been a crazy and really successful year for Distinctly. There has been a lot to juggle and many challenges to overcome but the strength and vibrancy of our culture has really pulled us through.

Some of the challenges that we have had to deal with include:

  • Recruitment
  • Hybrid working
  • Client challenges (supply chain issues, staff shortages, rising inflation)
  • Team wellbeing

The above issues are in no way unique to Distinctly. Whether you’re a network agency or a small indy like us, all these challenges have had to be addressed to ensure that we continue to deliver work of the highest standard with no adverse effects to the team and their wellbeing.

Consequently, it’s meant that at Distinctly we have had to truly examine how our values and culture really work for us. A huge focus for our leadership team this year has been launching our new brand. As part of this, we have really questioned the relevance of our values; ensuring their relevance in this new working environment, ensuring that everyone believes in them, ensuring that leaders within the agency live and breathe them without question and ensuring they support everyone of us whatever our daily challenges.

Consulting with our team was key to getting this right. We did this through working with external consultants, adopting NPS software and very open, honest two way conversation with the whole team. A healthy culture supports everyone in their day to day life (not just work), supports career progression and ensures happiness and wellbeing throughout the team.

Getting this right is a constant work in progress but one that is key to both addressing the challenges mentioned above and key to our future success.

Our values and culture are the magic that drives us forward. They attract new recruits to our team, they support us in our new way of working where we have multiple offices and increasing numbers of remote workers, they strengthen our client relationships and they make sure that everyone in our team feels supported in all aspects of their life.

So…. remember to – take care, open up, ask why, work smart and enjoy the ride 🙂

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