Distinctly shortlisted for UK Company Culture Awards 2023

Jen Wlodkya | 20th March 2023 | News

We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist at the UK Company Culture Awards 2023.

We have been nominated under the category: 

Best Workplace Health & Wellbeing Awareness Initiative (Agency)

in recognition of our first ever wellbeing week initiative

The UK Company Culture Awards recognises and celebrates workplaces that put people at the heart of its business, through sharing values and by caring, developing and nurturing their people. Something we pride ourselves on here at Distinctly. 

Employees’ wellbeing is integral to our success as an agency.  Some of the latest steps we have taken to improve our support for employee wellbeing include: 

  • We have created a space on our agency internet, to house comprehensive wellbeing and mental health guides and resources.
  • We have introduced Wellbeing Action Plans across the agency. 
  • We continue to look for opportunities to raise awareness of being mindful of mental health, and to highlight the support we offer both internally and from external partners.  
  • We have introduced our own in-house bespoke agency survey, so we can hear directly from the team about what more we can be doing.
  • And across this week, as we move into the beginning of Spring, we are running a ‘Spring into Wellbeing’ daily challenge, inspiring the team to make small simple changes, which can help to improve their holistic wellbeing.

We are honoured that our corporate culture has been acknowledged by the UK Company Culture Awards this year. Keep your fingers crossed for the winners announcements on the 4th May,

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