Tristan Reynolds

Senior SEO Strategist

Having joined Distinctly in September 2019, Tristan began honing his experience by gaining exposure across all SEO teams in the agency. After developing a passion for technical SEO, website migrations and analytics, he is currently a Senior SEO Strategist within the technical SEO team.

As a technical SEO specialist, Tristan enjoys conducting website audits. His meticulous approach enables him to uncover opportunities for websites to grow and strengthen their market share, focusing on key areas such as site speed, UX and mobile optimisation.

He also excels at overcoming challenges with complex website migrations, understanding the fundamental foundations needed to turbocharge growth when launching a new website. Meanwhile, he recognises the importance of implementing a successful strategy to protect current rankings and organic visibility.

Tristan is also a key member of the analytics team, helping lead the rollout of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties for our clients. He is GA4 certified and uses this to his advantage by providing insightful training sessions. He empowers clients through the intricacies of the platform and provides them with the ability to unlock valuable insights, ensuring they have the data they need to make informed strategic decisions.

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