Link building is pivotal to increasing the authority of your website

Links are, and always will be, paramount to SEO success. Even the best websites in the world will have limited SEO success and have issues with scalability if Google doesn’t deem them to have any authority.

Links drive SEO performance because Google considers each link as a recommendation (or a mini fist-pump). They tell Google ‘go check out that site, it’s great’. The more links, the better Google perceives your website to be. However, quality and relevancy are crucial when it comes to link building – Google won’t reward your website for being stuffed with as many links as possible. In fact, irrelevant or low-quality links can harm your website’s reputation.

There are many types of links and many ways of achieving them. We take every measure to ensure our clients are linked to and from websites that also link to competitors, as well as websites that don’t link to competitors, to ensure our link building campaigns are all-encompassing and give you the winning edge.

PR link building services

Our PR link building experts regularly reach out to some of the most respected websites in the UK. Making use of digital PR techniques in order to gain coverage for our clients in online news publications – as well as authoritative sites such as – we generate links which increase brand awareness and visibility in search engines. Below are examples of the coverage we’ve landed recently: 

Link building efforts results in digital PR coverage
Examples of links generated for our clients

We develop creative and unique content that taps into current news stories, as well as using our wide-ranging SEO knowledge to ensure maximum return is brought back to the website, making it a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Link building outreach services

PR link building and link building outreach services take a very similar approach, and are most effective when carried out together. There is an art to outreach – creating our own stories that enable effective link building, and generating unique ideas that can cut right through the noise in close collaboration with clients and journalists.

We use surveys to create our own newsworthy stories on behalf of our clients, and tell these stories via informative material such as press releases and infographics. With a ready-made story to run, we source outlets which are interested in the story and can do this in any industry. This ensures that tangible SEO value and authority are returned to the client website. 

We know what stories to outreach, when to pitch them, how to tell them and most importantly who to work with. We have built up a comprehensive list of contacts over the years and know what resources they are looking for.

Whilst we fully recommend the creative, cross-channel approach of digital PR for more ambitious businesses, there are always opportunities to build effective links on any budget – but consistent and retained link building work is always the most rewarding strategy.

All our link building strategies rely on:

  • Website relevance
  • Trusted metrics and manual checks
  • Hand-crafted outreach communications
  • Strong relationships with online authorities across all markets
  • Fantastic content creation, both on clients’ websites and on third-party sites

We can outreach to newspapers, government organisations, universities, blogs and other types of websites as well as both niche and local directories. So you can be assured that you’re in good hands and we’ve got you covered, no matter your business size or industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you pay for links?

We would never pay for links as this is against Google’s terms and conditions. In the long run, it’s far more beneficial to a website’s ranking to have links built organically, based on quality and reputation. Well-placed, genuine backlinks build authority for your page and go much further towards keeping it high on SERPs. Over our years of experience in this area we have developed methods that consistently deliver tangible results.

Do you use blog networks?

Using PBNs (private blog networks) is also against Google’s terms and conditions as it is considered an unfair way to gain advantage, so this is not something we would ever participate in at Distinctly. Money cannot pay for the endorsement that a genuine, natural link provides, and our link building activities are based on long-term strategy and high-quality results rather than quick wins.

What industries do you work in?

By looking at our clients and case studies you can get a sense of the vast range of areas that we work in. Our link building strategies have proven successful in any number of niche and specialist markets. We work across all industries except gambling, payday loans and adult-themed industries.

SEO case studies

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Taking site traffic and conversions to new highs with technical SEO, link building and blog content

Having previously invested in SEO, Engage Education approached Distinctly as they began the development of a new website. They were looking for a brand new strategy that could deliver consistent traffic growth whilst expanding into new international territories – but not at the cost of the UK side of the site.

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Delivering an increase in organic traffic, form completions and visibility for primary terms

Mercer Hole’s main objective was to see an increase in organic leads generated through their website. With this in mind, Distinctly spent time improving the site’s content as well as devising an effective blog strategy to help build authority in the financial field.

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