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Search advertising is a staple of our PPC service, providing a platform to connect with customers who are ready to convert. We know this because the user is actively reaching out to find what they need, meaning their intent is high.

At Distinctly, we work with clients across multiple sectors who utilise search advertising across Google Ads and Bing, including recruitment, retail, professional services, events, insurance, education and sports.

Components of a search advert

Search adverts have increased in size recently, with 140 characters permitted within the headlines and description, which is just under 50% bigger than previously. The extensions are an interchangeable set of features which appear prominently underneath the advert copy and consist of:

  • Sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, prices
  • Phone number, text message (SMS), locations
  • Reviews, affiliate locations
  • Apps

What does managing a search campaign involve?

In broad terms, it is the ongoing optimisation of search campaigns. This is crucial, as the market never remains static. Key tasks that we help our clients with include:

  • Bidding
  • Budget management
  • Negative keyword implementations
  • Advert scheduling
  • Advert copy production
  • A/B testing

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