More and more advertisers are turning to new media to expand their reach.

Remarketing is a broad term, which quite often gets used as a catch-all phrase for ensuring you don’t lose customers who were on the verge of purchasing or getting in touch.

Remarketing can be utilised at every stage of the conversion funnel and is often most effective early on in a user’s journey, in a more subtle and effective way than simply placing an advert in front of someone encouraging them to buy a product they have previously viewed.

With the correct methodology applied, remarketing can be highly effective for any business. A restaurant chain could utilise their GDPR-compliant WiFi registration data to create a audience users who can be retargeted via Facebook or Google.

We believe that audience list granularity is the key to the success of any campaign – and essential to successful remarketing activity.

Additional audience lists that can be created and utilised include:

  • Users who have watched a video on your YouTube channel, added as an audience layer to your Google Search campaign to bid higher when they search for a specific set of keywords
  • Visitors to the ‘customer’ portal of your website, to re-target with a new product or service that may be of interest to them
  • Visitors to your website within the last 24-48 hours, to re-target with a Black Friday advertisement

Remarketing is also not tied to a specific platform, although Google and Facebook tend to be where it is utilised most, given the size of each respective audience.

We work with technology providers who facilitate remarketing across multiple platforms simultaneously, meaning our reach is greater and optimisation time is reduced.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve your business goals with effective remarketing, get in touch to speak to an expert.

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