More and more advertisers are turning to new media to expand their reach.

Facebook continues to be the dominant social platform both in terms of users and advertising investment from businesses.

In our experience, the key to running a successful campaign on Facebook is to have a true understanding of why people are using the platform, then working with the resulting information rather than against it. For example, it is infinitely easier to persuade someone to visit an area of Facebook itself such as business page, than to ask them to leave the platform altogether to visit your website. It’s crucial to anticipate a person’s most likely response and mitigate it.

The network is also not just exclusively B2C anymore, with B2B accessible in the form of job title targeting, which can be overlayed on top of the typical demographics you’d expect from Facebook such as age, gender, location and interests. Many advertisers fail to understand the way in which data can be shared between platforms to increase your reach while simultaneously reducing costs.

Typically, we see LinkedIn generating clicks at a much higher cost per interaction than Facebook due to LinkedIn’s ‘superior’ targeting options for B2B. However, creating a bespoke landing page for LinkedIn traffic which is set up with a Facebook tracking Pixel and optimised to gather an audience list for use on the latter in a stage 2 campaign can prove beneficial. We constantly test different combinations of creatives and audience targeting until we identify your account’s peak performance.

We guide our clients through the best way to measure success from Facebook, because often it’s not just direct leads and revenue, but vital interactions with potential customers that your competition may very well overlook.

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