Creative content designed to capture your customers’ attention.

Bringing your products to life online can be a challenge, particularly when you are trying to stand out from your competitors and increase your conversion rate.

An effective online product description should evoke the same sense of understanding and desire to buy your product or service that your customer would feel if they could see the product in front of them.

If you’re struggling to make your descriptions effective and engaging enough to convert your customers or you’re concerned about potential duplicate content issues,  our specialist product description writing service can help.

What do we do?

Our team of skilled copywriters craft product descriptions that will inspire your customers, influencing their behaviour to buy your product or choose your service. We provide the essential product information your customers are looking for, written in a way that will generate their interest.  

Format is key, as what works for fashion will not work for finance. Paragraphs, bullet points or tables, we’ll find the structure that resonates with your customers through our proven process of expert insight, research and usability testing.

Our unique blend of SEO expertise and persuasive writing

Aligned to your brand tone of voice or house style and fully optimised for search engines, our creative product descriptions will convince your customers that they want what you are selling, whilst simultaneously increasing the authority of your site.

Our expert knowledge of SEO ensures all product descriptions we create are unique, ensuring there is no risk of duplicate content issues.

We will describe the features and benefits of your products using language that will make your customer feel something  – whether that is reassured or relieved they have found a solution to a problem they are facing, or excited that they are booking a holiday or making an important purchase.

Whether you want to inspire trust in your customers or reassure your reader, our skilled team will use the vocabulary that does just that – we won’t use bland, uninspiring or unimaginative language.

Why are engaging product descriptions essential?

A product description often makes the difference between a conversion and an abandoned basket. If a competitor is selling the same product as you for the same price, an engaging product description may make the difference between the customer purchasing from you or your competitor.

The initial expense of using a professional product description writing service will be offset by the considerable ROI. The positive emotions inspired through our optimised product descriptions will ensure that your customer will remember your product and your company. They will recognise your branding through your descriptions, they will trust you and they will return.

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