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London Beauty Training Academy Case Study

The London Beauty Training Academy opened its doors in mid-2016, offering beauty courses to people in the UK from its base in Chiswick, West London.

The Results

Marketing a new brand can be challenging. In order to make a real impact on a sector, you need to be willing to accept a certain amount of the unknown until you gain enough data to make educated decisions.

By being flexible with the budget and platforms used, we have made real strides in the first six months of the advertising campaign.

96Monthly Leads
£0.58Cost Per Click
£11Cost Per Lead

The Brief

After successfully growing their brand through search marketing with Distinctly, LHAA launched a new business in mid-2016 called London Beauty Training Academy (LBTA). We were asked to produce a strategy which would rapidly generate leads for their new centre opening in Chiswick.

What we delivered

With the objective to generate enquiries for beauty courses, we started an advertising campaign targeted at Google Search, Remarketing and Facebook. As we began receiving traffic and leads, it became apparent that the target market were of an older demographic, with many parents looking to start a new career post-childcare.

We therefore took the decision to reallocate budget to the Bing network – which traditionally has an older customer base – and refined our targeting on Facebook to bid more aggressively for people older than 30. The resulting difference in cost per lead between Google and Bing was considerable with the latter 56% lower, enabling us to sustainably grow investment over the second half of the year.

What the client thought...

We have been working with the team at Distinctly for just over two years and as well as being thoroughly great people they have significantly improved the performance of our website and lead generation.  Distinctly are the cornerstone to the success of our SEO and PPC strategy and are our provider of choice.

Trevor Luker, Managing Director