Increase in conversion rate
Increase in leads after six months
Decrease in cost per acquisition
What the client thought...

Before Distinctly, our problem was generating business and since the investment the problem is that we need more staff to cope with demand. In the words of Roy Scheider from the film Jaws, 'we’re going to need a bigger boat!'

Leo Cunningham, Managing Director, GroomArts

Based in London and St. Albans, GroomArts Academy is a City and Guilds accredited training and education centre, alongside a dog grooming academy.

Providing focused, comprehensive training using the highest quality professional equipment – alongside an aftercare support programme and comprehensive business advice – the company aims to equip their students with the key skills and academic qualifications they need to succeed in the dog grooming industry, whether they wish to set up their own business or work in an established dog grooming parlour.

The Brief

Wishing to aggressively grow their business, GroomArts Academy were keen to begin a campaign of targeted PPC advertising, with the primary intention of generating enquiries for their industry-accredited dog grooming courses.

We were asked to provide a comprehensive strategy which would achieve optimum visibility across multiple online search platforms, with the ultimate goal of generating as many high quality leads as possible for the Academy.

What we delivered

In order to obtain maximum visibility for GroomArts’ dog grooming training courses, we implemented a combined advertising strategy across Google Ads, Facebook and AdRoll remarketing.

After six months, we increased leads by 156% across all three networks, tripling the conversion rate and following careful campaign optimisation, we also managed to bring cost per acquisition down significantly over the same period.

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