Distinctly have done an excellent job in carefully and cleanly taking our SEO up a notch. Our organic traffic results speak for themselves. Their transparency and communication has been key in this process.

– Mike Gilbert (Digital Marketing Manager)


The Brief

Since 1989, Gapforce has taken great pride in providing young people with exciting gap year opportunities and overseas volunteer projects. These experiences have enabled their customers to grow personally and professionally. The company aspires to make a real impact on the world.

The aim of the campaign is outrank other brands competing in the space for all keyword opportunities. In doing so, increase enquiries and brand awareness.

Gapforce work internationally, with multi-region websites in UK, US, Canada and Germany. With websites dedicated to each of those regions, there was strong need to ensure their International SEO was in good health as well as covering all typical SEO technical challenges.

Because Gapforce offer a wide range of gap year packages across multiple territories, it has been important to concentrate on all pages, not just the main pages. In doing so, ensure that all cannons were firing across all possible gap year location keywords.

What we delivered

The approach started with setting the site up for SEO success. Vigorous keyword research and content analysis resulted in is carving out a space for each pages to rank without overlap (aka “Cannibalisation”). Meanwhile, the technical audit raised recommendations against international SEO best-praise, URL handling, redirects, meta data and code-optimisation to name a few.

In the creative content space, we’ve delivered two exciting pieces – “What Gap Year Program Is Right For Me” and “10 Benefits of Volunteering Abroad”. Both pieces have been eagerly cited as valuable resources across travel and student websites and cleverly, both appear in search results for their respective keywords, driving additional, incremental traffic.

Our Final thoughts

Great SEO campaigns require a diverse array of strategies. Our varied approach has resulted in fantastic levels of new visitors and leads for the company, meanwhile increasing brand awareness online has served to support the company’s wider-marketing goals.

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Increase in traffic (YoY)

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Increase in keywords appearing on the first page

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Increase in non-brand keyword clicks