YoY organic traffic growth from January 2018 to January 2019
Increase in organic revenue from website enquiries
YoY organic traffic growth to the website blog
What the client thought...

Distinctly’s clear vision and expert insight into optimising for our market has made this a hugely rewarding partnership.

They have helped our business to grow internationally by making crucial improvements to visibility, and we’ve seen a huge increase in organic revenues as a result. Our website now provides a much better user experience and this has been reflected in our flourishing online reputation.

Like all businesses, we have been faced with a challenging few months in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, but Distinctly have played a role in helping us navigate it successfully. We look forward to extending our work with them as they continue to help us realise our ambitions as a company.

Trevor Clissold, Marketing Manager, AMT Training

About AMT Training

AMT Training is a global leading provider of financial modelling workshops and online courses. Clients include the top ten investment banks and major private equity firms.

The Brief

AMT Training wanted to expand their global online presence. Their highly specialised product wasn’t reaching those who it could benefit, and organic revenues were suffering.

Ongoing technical issues and poor optimisation on AMT’s website made meeting KPIs and increasing revenue very difficult, necessitating a full strategic overhaul.

We were recommended to AMT by a previous client. Distinctly has a proven track record in delivering successful SEO projects for clients in niche markets, and AMT knew that only a project rooted in long-term growth could bring the turnaround they needed.

What we delivered

A comprehensive technical audit was the first step towards addressing basic problems with the website and ensuring that Google and other search engines can access primary pages quickly and efficiently. We prioritised actions which entailed quick implementation and high impact. 

We carried out keyword research to identify relevant keywords and search phrases across AMT’s locations and core course pages. Distinctly produced optimised meta data to ensure the foundations for every page were well-optimised. We also supported the release of AMT’s e-learning and virtual classroom courses using the same approach.

We soon achieved dominance for primary search terms including “financial modelling course”, as well as many location-specific search terms such as “financial modelling courses london”.

What other ideas did Distinctly have?

We deployed course markup to ensure that AMT could properly leverage their assets in search. This is a script we use on all course pages which helps Google to better understand their content. It also pulls specific information such as pricing into SERPs, giving pages a competitive edge.

Our design recommendations also improved customer experience and conversion rates on course pages, and a proactive link building campaign resulted in high-quality and authoritative links back to AMT Training’s website.

What were the challenges along the way?

During the initial technical audit, we needed to ensure AMT and the developers were fully aware of its scope and impact. We worked through priorities and adjusted the plan to focus on high-impact quick wins.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented its own set of challenges, but we have adapted our strategies to focus on AMT’s virtual and e-learning courses.

The Results

Since we started, organic visibility has become far more dominant for AMT Training. Comparing 2019 vs 2018, organic revenue increased by 286% with traffic increasing by 49%.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on AMT’s public courses, but their virtual and e-learning courses are doing very well. We’re currently working through leveraging their online offering and will continue with this strategy over the coming months.

Once normality is restored, AMT’s public courses will be ready to capture their audience. Whilst e-learning and virtual classrooms will continue in the background, their public course offering remains a vital part of the business model and one which Distinctly will prioritise once measures are relaxed.

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