Jonathan Sealy
Jonathan Sealy PPC Executive

The importance of daily PPC optimisation

Jonathan Sealy
Jonathan Sealy PPC Executive

Google Ads has increased its revenue from $16 billion in 2007 to a staggering $95 billion in 2017 – and this revenue figure will be even higher in 2018 and beyond. It is therefore of the utmost importance that your PPC account is managed to a high standard to maximise your return on investment.

If you think that a PPC campaign can be put together, uploaded to a platform and left to run on its own then you are wasting money. In today’s market, a PPC account requires daily optimisations to ensure your money is utilised correctly. The purpose of the account is to drive the right people to your site or landing page for the lowest cost, and then generate conversions or leads for your business. Otherwise it is pointless utilising PPC.

This post will detail several optimisations to maximise performance of your PPC account and explain why it is important that these are actioned daily.

Budget management

In late 2017 Google announced changes to the Google Ads platform that enabled PPC campaigns to potentially spend 2x the daily budget set for each PPC campaign. If you are running PPC campaigns without any active account management that could mean your campaigns are spending double your daily budget on a regular basis.

Monitoring campaign budgets is a daily task carried out by agencies. This is very important to improving campaign performance as it determines whether the campaigns are overspending and by how much, and if a campaign is performing well or poorly. This helps agencies determine whether their particular daily budget should be increased or reduced.

If your company has a limited monthly PPC budget, then these changes are vital to utilising your budget effectively. Agencies monitor account budgets daily, knowing how much an account has spent for the month to date and calculating the ideal daily budget to spend for the remainder of the month.

Ensuring PPC accounts do not overspend their monthly budget is a very important aspect of account management.

Search Query Reports (SQRs)

Search Query Reports (also known as SQRs) involve reviewing the user search terms that have triggered your PPC adverts and filtering out the irrelevant search terms by adding them as negative keywords.

The larger your budget, the more data is accrued on a daily basis, making SQRs a high priority in day to day management. Large PPC accounts accrue hundreds, if not thousands, of user search terms per day and every one of these search terms should be reviewed for relevance to your product or service.

Irrelevant search terms are then collated and added to a negative keyword list. When applied to your PPC account, adverts will no longer appear for irrelevant search terms that have previously triggered your adverts. This reduces wastage and allows for more budget to be spent on highly converting keywords. You’d be surprised how many wasted clicks a PPC account can receive.

Agencies perform SQRs regularly and through experience can develop a ‘master’ negative keyword list. This master list, or variants of it, can be employed at the start of a PPC campaign and prevent irrelevant user searches from triggering your adverts immediately.

Bid optimisation

PPC search campaigns are based around keywords entering an auction every time a user performs a search. Bids should be assigned to each keyword based on their value to your business and the current market competition for said keyword.

Examining a keyword, optimising average position and bidding on a daily basis is important as their performance can fluctuate day to day. For example, a keyword that was converting well a few days ago may suddenly drop off if competition for that keyword has increased.

In conclusion…

With the PPC market growing exponentially, the success of PPC activity is often closely linked to the success of a business.

However, many PPC campaigns are built and uploaded to a paid platform then simply left to run. In today’s market you’re either going to end up wasting your money on irrelevant clicks or not appear at all due to low bids. Either way you’re wasting your money and won’t be seeing any return on investment anytime soon. PPC campaigns require daily management.

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