Preaching what we practise

James Donaldson | 27th September 2022 | CRO, Organic

How to produce engaging website copy that converts

Reaching potential customers with engaging content is the key to delivering increased conversions. But how do you write compelling copy? Often, copy is written from the business’ point of view, but it’s the customer or prospective client that should be the focus. Remember, copy is your way of conversing with your customer. You need to […]

Alex Cassidy | 22nd September 2022 | Content, Digital PR

Digital PR ideation: specks of gold in a sea of mud

The internet contains multitudes. In thirty years we’ve packed it with nearly all of recorded history, and it’s growing every second. As a result, it’s overflowing with starting points for Digital PR campaigns, and there’s always something shiny to get drawn to.  There are new apps with fresh perspectives, novel campaigns that create repeatable methodologies, […]

searching for records
Lianna Haywood | 20th April 2022 | Content, Organic

Search intent and content: why it’s important for your SEO strategy

Search intent is a core part of an effective SEO strategy. To meet your customers’ needs, you have to understand exactly what they’re searching for, so you can provide the most relevant content. What is search intent? Search intent (also known as user intent or audience intent) is the main goal a user has when […]

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