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How to link to a Facebook advert account

Emily Cella
Emily Cella
PPC Executive
13th March 2017

We can all feel out of our depth with the various linking methods across advertising platforms! So why not make things a little easier and follow our step-by-step guide to linking to an advert account from your Business Manager.

If you are trying to link to a Facebook Advert Account you should already have a Facebook Business Account set up. If not you’ll need to go here and create an account.

Once you have logged in to your Business Manager Account you will need to navigate to the ‘Business Manager settings’ using the toolbar found at the top left of the interface.


When you are in the Business Manager Settings, under the tab ‘people and assets’ you will find a new toolbar running down the left-hand side. From here you’ll need to select ‘Advert accounts’.


From here you should see the ‘Add New Advert Accounts’ button at the top right. Once you click on this you will see 3 options. To claim or request access to an existing Advert Account, it’s best to know the Advert Account ID of the account you are trying to link to.



Once you have selected the most applicable option you will be able to enter the Advert Account ID. This will then send the request to the account you are trying to link to. Once the request has been accepted you’ll be able to see the new account within your business manager.

Keep in mind:

To advertise on behalf of another business you will also need to be linked to their Facebook Page. This can also be found in your Business Manager settings just above Advert account settings.

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