Matt Foster
Matt Foster Digital PR Strategist

How to maximise existing marketing activity via digital PR

Matt Foster
Matt Foster Digital PR Strategist

If a company is interested in exploring how to further its digital reach through online news publications and social media, the focus will initially be on what new content can be created to act as the link between the business and the media.

Planning how this content can be marketed is the next step.

While creating a fresh and interesting news story is certainly key to creating a successful digital PR campaign, it’s likely there are newsworthy stories already happening in the company that can be utilised.

What company activity can be used to gain digital PR coverage online?

In order to know which aspects of a company’s activity could constitute newsworthy stories, you must get to know your publications and their desired stories.

What might be seen as interesting to a community and gain coverage on local news websites will be different to what appeals to trade-specific publications.

While knowing what will work for each target publication is essential, there are different angles to consider that can work for multiple outlets and be targeted as such.

Newsworthy angles from business activity include:

  • Charity work – does the company have any charity associations that they support? Does the company hold charity fundraising events? Promote these in order to ensure maximum return for the event, gaining column inches for both the charity and the company
  • Partnerships with organisations or foundations – interest for these include sector trade publications and business orientated news. Is it a news partnership that’s just been formed? What is the reason behind the partnership? Both can be utilised
  • Office openings, any particularly successful years or any other ‘landmarks’ – ideal for local coverage, office openings provide a valuable news story both as a company growth success angle and an element of interest for the local area
  • Youth development partnerships – similar to the charity angle, make use of the good work the company is doing to promote a positive brand image
  • Personal profiles – on occasion, the news angle is the growth of the company itself and the person who built it. Personal profiles can be anything from ‘a day in the life of…’ to an insight into careers in the industry or an entrepreneurial story

How can these angles connect to the media?

The press release is the traditional way to promote business news to the media and it still remains the standard for brand to journalist communications.

In February 2018, a global study of 1,355 journalists found that 63% still prefer to communicate with PR teams via the press release format. Quick to produce, easily digestible and familiar, the simple press release can help a brand increase its reach online.

Whether via Twitter, media contacts or journalist databases, when you’re working with a brand it is important to know the message that the company wants to communicate as well as the specific sector that they operate in.

By keeping a finger on the pulse of what relevant journalists within the sector need for a news story, it can provide a great opportunity for the company to provide comment to support an article.

Do you have an individual with a specific expertise in the company? Has the owner of the company built the business from humble beginnings to be a success story?

Profile opportunities can be a great way to generate positive coverage for a brand, while also providing a human element to the company.

Profile features are widely seen in national, local and trade publications. To similar effect, expert articles written by the company on topics of interest are widely sought after by publications – you’ve just got to know how to pitch them in.

Press releases produced to support an individual’s profile can be amplified with proactive promotion, making use of media databases to outreach to journalists and existing media contacts who would be interested in the story.

How would this benefit the company?

The key returns on undertaking digital PR activity to maximise existing company assets are:

  • Company visibility
  • SEO value
  • Brand sentiment

Making use of what the business already does makes sense, then it’s simply a case of taking the final step to realise the potential of being connected to the media.

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