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How to effectively implement advert scheduling in Google AdWords

Jonathan Sealy
Jonathan Sealy
PPC Executive
11th September 2017

Once your PPC campaign has been running on Google AdWords for a couple of months, it is time to develop some optimisation techniques to help drive more conversions from your campaigns. One of the more prominent – and frequently used – techniques is advert scheduling.

What is advert scheduling?

Advert scheduling is a technique whereby PPC campaigns are automated to only appear in Google Search results on certain days of the week or during certain hours of the day, or sometimes both.

The feature allows PPC advertisers to capitalise on particular days or time periods when a conversion is most likely to occur, based on the historical conversion data that is available in AdWords.

Creating an advert schedule

To begin creating an advert schedule, first select an appropriate date range in Google AdWords – a minimum of 2 months’ conversion data is recommended.

Next, find the conversion data under the ‘Dimensions’ tab.

Then navigate to the ‘Day of the week’ option available in the drop down just below the ‘Dimensions’ tab. This can be found in the ‘Time’ option. It is within this option that you can also find the ‘Hour of day’ conversion data.

For this example, we shall focus on day of the week.

AdWords then displays the days of the week and the necessary conversion data for each day, with conversion rate the most important in this instance.

From the data shown above, we can develop an advert schedule that will see the campaigns pause altogether on Sunday and then reduce keyword bids on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To implement the advert schedule, navigate from the ‘Dimensions’ tab to the ‘Settings’ tab and select ‘Ad schedule’ from the 4 options that appear below.

Then click the red icon to ‘+ Ad Schedule’:

From the resulting dialogue box, select the campaign(s) you wish to add an ad schedule to, then start to create the custom schedule. Based on the conversion data shown, we want our PPC campaigns to show every day except Sunday.

Each day is added individually to the schedule and should look like this:

By clicking the ‘Save’ button, you implement an advert schedule that will see all PPC campaigns pause on Sunday.

From the same ‘Ad Schedule’ tab, you can also implement the necessary bid adjustments that will see your keyword bids reduce on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then increase on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Just below the red ‘+ Ad Schedule’ button, the days of the week will be shown. The next column on the right is the ‘Bid Adj’ column. It is in this column that we can adjust keyword bids for each individual day.

Sunday will not be shown as adverts are not running that day. Monday, Friday and Saturday will see bids increased by 40%. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will see bids decreased by 50%.

Once this final step has been saved, your advert schedule should be implemented and start running immediately.

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