Matt Foster
Matt Foster Digital PR Strategist

How can my company benefit from news coverage?

Matt Foster
Matt Foster Digital PR Strategist

A positive news story can prove to be extremely beneficial for a business. Through a piece of positive PR, your business stands to attract:

  • An immediate return through brand awareness
  • Traffic to your company website
  • A potential increase in sales

The success of a piece of news coverage may also feed into secondary elements, such as the ease of recruiting talent and attracting skills into the company.

There are many opportunities to gain  coverage for your company in local, trade or even national publications. With publications featuring as both print and digital, the number of people who have access to the news is ever-growing. Of course, with digital news platforms becoming the main point of consumption, the demand for an increasingly constant flow of news is now the norm.

While this means an increased workload for journalists, it also provides more opportunity for more great stories to be featured in these digital news platforms – which is where digital PR proves its worth.

Discover how to expand on your existing PR coverage to ensure maximum value for your business.

How to make the most of PR coverage

Your company has had a good news story covered in the press, which is excellent! This doesn’t need to be the end of the story.

There are effective ways you can utilise this existing coverage, whether it was a story created by the company with a survey, or a natural news piece that came from company news such as a new office opening.

How to get SEO value from a PR story

You may have already been using PR to generate brand awareness and engagement for your business and there may be an opportunity to reap additional benefits from any brand mentions that appear in online publications to give your website a boost in Google’s rankings.

A more prominent position in the Google rankings drives an increased amount of traffic to the website and when carefully targeted, it can drive traffic for converting key phrases that can considerably boost your business performance.

Increasing your Google rankings requires your website to be regarded as authoritative.

Hyperlinks pointing at your website are central to driving authority and the fact that your company news had been used by the publication provides a platform to offer an expansion of the story.

To be able to do this naturally, think about what could add value to the reader of your PR story on the third party publication. Create this value with additional material or interesting content that sits on your website and get that hyperlink.

News coverage for your marketing team success?

If your company is creating news and doing it successfully, this is a story in itself. Selected online marketing and PR publications will run case studies of successful and creative examples of work done well and it’s a great way to highlight a successful campaign.

Gather the results of your campaign measured against ROI objectives – including the time spent on the campaign, budget and the places that it was covered – then pitch these in.

Marketing news publications will want to hear about the challenges faced and how these were overcome, as well as the creativity that was required and how the company was able to tap into current trends to generate news.

Positive impact on the company website?

We’ve talked about how marketing and PR publications can be utilised, but it’s also important to consider how we can expand the reach of the story through using the website data showing the success of the campaign.

Digital publications allow readers to immediately follow up with anything of interest that they read online, including:

  • Brand names
  • Products
  • Comments or insights from business experts

Analyse this in your Google Analytics traffic figures. Any SEO value from any PR coverage, as highlighted above, will have an impact on your business’ Google rankings over 2 or 3 months down the line when Google has picked up on the changes.

You can then revisit these figures and track the position of your website in Google, check whether traffic has increased at all and whether additional business has come through the website.

You can then share data from these success stories as they can be relevant to online marketing and SEO publications who are often interested in case studies showcasing what’s worked previously in specific industries.

Shout about PR coverage on social media

Don’t be afraid to shout about a successful campaign or a specific piece of news coverage over social media. A company that regularly has news to share – particularly when it’s about growth or a great piece of coverage – will make people sit up and take notice.

Whether it’s a potential new employee or a potential client, whenever an individual is in the early stages of engaging with the company, social media activity is often analysed.

This could be the difference between hiring your next employee or attracting your next client.

When your business has generated a piece of coverage, don’t look at this as the end of the road for the story. Consider the story the first step towards opening other avenues to explore in promoting your business.

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