Jonathan Sealy
Jonathan Sealy PPC Executive

Google Gallery Ads: a new way to target your users

Jonathan Sealy
Jonathan Sealy PPC Executive

Google Marketing Live took place last week in San Francisco and amongst the plethora of announcements, one new feature really stuck out to us – gallery ads.

This new type of ad has been under testing at Google in recent months and will be rolled out to advertisers around the globe in 2019. Gallery ads may well become an invaluable tool in your PPC arsenal.

Let’s take a closer look at gallery ads and how they could help your business grow.

What are gallery ads?

To begin with, gallery ads will only be eligible to show on mobile devices and in first position of the Google search results.

The advert that does appear in first position on mobile will be able to serve the user a carousel of 4-8 images of their product(s) which users can swipe through. This gallery will run along with 3 headlines and each image can have a description of 70 characters maximum.

In early testing, Google chiefs have stated that gallery ads resulted in ‘up to a 25% increase in interactions’.

Why have gallery ads been introduced?

Google wants to help advertisers drive engagement with their users and images are a very good source of user engagement. It’s one of the major contributing factors to the popularity of Google Shopping.

It also gives the advertiser a new method in communicating a business’ value. A high quality image can leave a lasting impression on the user. If engaging images can be combined with relevant headlines and well written text, you are in an even better position to convey the value of your business.

Who can benefit from gallery ads?

Gallery ads should absolutely be incorporated into your online search campaigns for B2C. Businesses that will benefit from using these new ads include:

  • Restaurants
  • Furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Travel agencies

If your campaigns can show a carousel of images displaying your best products or services at the top of the SERP, the user is going to find it hard to resist engaging with your ad.

You might be inclined to think that gallery ads will only benefit B2C advertisers. However a B2B should also consider this new type of ad when developing their paid search strategy.

Your business could offer new software, a brand re-purposing service or insights into your retail performance – the gallery ads will add a new dimension to your search ads. If an image showing examples of how your B2B service has improved a client’s company, then that is sending a strong message to the user searching.

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