Emily Cella
Emily Cella PPC Executive

Facebook’s new Targeting feature allows brands to target ads to entire families or specific household members

Emily Cella
Emily Cella PPC Executive

If you are familiar with the Facebook advertising platform, you will know it has allowed brands to advertise to niche audiences for years. The company’s latest feature is going to change the ad targeting game as we know it.

This brand new feature will enable advertisers to target households, meaning the ads will be shown to entire families or to specific people within the household. For example, you could show one advert to a family member who oversees purchasing decisions and another to members that influence that decision.


How will Facebook Targeting work?

We are yet to find out the full extent of the capacity of this exciting new tool, however, we do know that an advertiser will be able to select a source audience and then switch on the new household audience feature to reach not just the specific person but also the people in the same household. Facebook will be able to see who lives in your house based on ‘signals’ such as your marital status and family members you declare on your profile, plus your check-ins and activities. They will also be able to detect who lives in your household through your internet access IP (this data is anonymous).

At a press conference in New York recently, Graham Mudd, product marketing director of Facebook, said “What we want to do basically is leverage the power of our network to enable that kind of influencing or to support that kind of influencing across the family.”

Another attractive benefit for businesses using the new household ad targeting functionality is that they will be able to reduce their amount of wasted ad spend. For example, if someone in the household has already purchased Sky, Facebook will then use this customer database information to stop showing these targeted adverts to that household.

Along with the new household targeting, we expect to see additional reporting sections which will be found in the advert reporting dashboard. This should include data such as the amount of households your advert has reached and the frequency of them.

We’re looking forward to discovering the possibilities this new feature could bring to advertising capabilities and how it may be utilised in the future.

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