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Digital accreditations: how to turn them into some of your most powerful backlinks

Justin Fox
Justin Fox SEO Executive

No matter what sector a business operates within, every corporate website has the opportunity to turn their existing mentions into backlinks and acquire ‘link juice’ to bolster the authority and subsequent visibility of their online presence. We’ve previously covered some of the most common ways to turn existing relationships into links but the quality of these sites can vary – especially if they have not taken the time to brush up on their SEO!

However, one way to identify and utilise somewhere that your website is mentioned to acquire a backlink of guaranteed high quality, is to take a look at the accreditations and certifications of your business and those of your team members.

For example one of our clients, Redbrick Property Management, list their current accreditations at the bottom of their ‘About Us’ page on their website as:

What is the process for turning accreditations into backlinks?

Both of the two accreditation organisations listed above have powerful websites and a perfectly legitimate reason to provide ‘us’ with a link. In this case Redbrick’s listing with the ‘Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’ already contained a link pointing to their Homepage, however ‘The Property Ombudsman’ proved to be more fruitful.

To identify the opportunity, our first step was to take a look on The Property Ombudsman’s website, and more specifically at their ‘Find a Member’ search option. From here it was a case of simply entering our client’s name to find their profile which was lacking a link back to Redbrick’s site.

Whilst this tactic proved effective in this example, not every organisation will have a policy of handing out links to their members. It is recommended that you first check the profiles of other members to determine if there is an underlying policy regarding the provision of links.

If you are certain that your target site will be willing to supply a link to their membership, and have evidence of such, then you have solid grounding for requesting one to be added to your profile. A simple email to the webmaster or whoever is listed as overseeing the website should be all that is needed from here on, as illustrated below.

What to consider when turning accreditations to backlinks:

Firstly, identify which certifying websites can be utilised in this way, by manually checking whether the website of such organisations have a public facing display of members.

Secondly, and whilst it may seem obvious, do make sure that your on-site accreditations are kept up to date and any expired, revoked, or otherwise redundant listings are removed as needed. The last thing you want is to reach out to a site only to be accused of falsely claiming membership!

But with just a modicum of care, link building via your accreditations is a quick and easy approach to gain some immensely important backlinks of real power. Acquiring the accreditation in the first place was the difficult step – this is simply the process of reaping your well-earned reward!

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